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A Brief Journey into the CoinMarketCap

Launched on 01/10/2019, Counos DEX is a decentralized exchange based in Laki tn 14a, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia. Counos Decentralized exchange describes itself as a peer to peer and community-based decentralized exchange that aims to empower users to do cryptocurrency trades in a secure and free environment. 

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Imagine that you are going to make an online transaction. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? You may hope the seller meets the due obligations and doesn’t send you something that bears little resemblance to the product you were promised.


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trading cryptocurrencies in the Counos DEX decentralized exchange

With respect to the latest updates of the Counos Platform decentralized exchange which have increased the speed and safety of this exchange, we taught you buying and selling methods in earlier articles with the help of text and images. In this article we will trade cryptocurrencies

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