Counos X

Counos X is a coin which has been developed according to the newest version of Litecoin. This coin is introduced with the purpose of offering the latest most popular services in cryptocurrencies payment.

Attractive ancillary services

Counos’s central and decentralized exchanges, selling gold coins via this new coin and the capability of changing fiat money at the market rate.

Technical Information

Counos X has been developed according to Litecoin version 17.1. Its Validation method is the Proof of Work. Each new block is generated in the average time of 2.5 minutes.

The number of coins to be offered in this network has not been limited, but in the first stage about 18,300,000 coins have been mined. In the following stages, in case the duration between two mined blocks is more than 2 minutes, the first block after it will be awarded 0.035 coins. Other blocks will not be awarded; in other words, the maximum of 25 coins will be generated in a day.

All BIPs supported by Litecoin version 17.1 will be backed in Counos X. SegWit is active by default.

The applied algorithm is the Scrypt and the equipment which is able to mine Litecoins can be used to mine the new coins.

This coin is changeable into other cryptocurrencies or fiat money at the market rate in Counos Exchange and Counos Decentralized exchange service.

In addition, it will be possible to buy gold and other goods supplied in real001 store by this valuable coin.

Soon the possibility of trading this currency will be provided in reputable and well-known exchanges.

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