Blockchain Enters the World of Video Games

Last Modified:16 May 2019 09:01:59
Blockchain Enters the World of Video Games

Since 1975 the growth of the video game industry in the world has been amazingly fast. In fact, this industry has advanced nonstop and is on the rise. Perhaps it’s interesting to know that in 2018 the world spent $138 billion in the video game industry. The world of video games has wide and extremely large dimensions. Will this world that is full of capacities and is filled with various software and hardware, open its doors toward new technologies such as Blockchain?

Does Blockchain Have Enough Capacities to Enter the World of Video Games?

What capacities are required to enter the industry of video games? To enter this industry there needs to be an infrastructure offered for secure financial transactions and the security of users’ information to be preserved, the connection between users should be limitless and the speed of transactions and financial and communication trades should be high. All of these indicate that Blockchain is a suitable for the industry of video games. The decentralized nature of Blockchain infrastructure has made a lot of companies to be interested in it and think about launching games on its infrastructure. Even though games have taken a new form and are usually played in groups, the need to justice in their path is more necessary than before. The existence of a decentralized network such as Blockchain can end any fraud or discrimination in the path of games.

What Are the Advantages of Blockchain in the Game Industry?

Considering that Blockchain network is very wide and extensive, it is very easy to create games with a large number of users in them. The use of algorithms specific to Blockchain to mine cryptocurrencies and entering these algorithms in the game can provide a mechanism that allows users to gain higher levels in the game and at the same time get higher financial scores and different cryptocurrencies. However much the user advances in different stages of the game, the mining of cryptocurrencies and gaining them will be harder for him. Of course, the complexities of the Blockchain infrastructure is a little more than the traditional areas of video games. Surely, familiarity with a new atmosphere and entering it for those who are willing to bring hefty amount of money to the industry of video games will surely not be something complex and difficult. As it was mentioned earlier, in the last year more than $138 billion was spent on the video game industry, and this number is indicative of users that act professionally in the world of video games.

How Will the Future of Blockchain and Video Games Be?

Video Games and Blockchain are inseparable. It is obvious that with the existence of many capacities that this newfound infrastructure provides for the world of video games, the breadth and the decentralized nature of this new technology, numerous startups and companies are looking to employ it. As the world of video games are getting on with Blockchain with such seriousness, other industries will sooner or later be attracted to this important technology. The logic of Blockchain is designed to develop various communications, and it will soon take this logic to an international level.