Counos Bit

Counos Coin
Is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin Source code, Blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer network. It has a growing price due to having the most important features of Bitcoin and Litecoin and offers a completely decentralized structure for the users. Counos Cash is a stablecoin with the value equal to the stable value of 20 Swiss Franc per unit. It is a premined cryptocurrency, 21 million units of this cryptocurrency have been premined and will be available for public offering.
Counos U
Is another stablecoin with the value equal to 100 USD per unit.
Counos X
Is the first bankable coin offering great chances for finances and investment. This cryptocurrency implements the latest safety and security technologies and algorithms.
Counos H
Is a cryptocurrency that implements SHA-256 algorithm with a completely independent Blockchain network. The total number of coins that can be offered in this network are 18,888,888.
Counos Bit
Is a cryptocurrency, which is a hard fork of Bitcoin's Blockchain network. Its network is the continuation of Bitcoin's Blockchain and introduces numerous improvements, such as 100 times more total cap.