The Price of Bitcoin Passed $9,000

Last Modified:16 Jun 2019 13:06:31
The Price of Bitcoin Passed $9,000

Today morning the price of Bitcoin passed the threshold of $9,200 which is considered a considerable growth compared to previous days. The market of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been booming in the past couple of months, which is a lot different compared to what is was in 2018. Currently, Bitcoin analysts believe that the price of Bitcoin could pass the threshold of $12,000 until the end of the month of July.

Sudden Bitcoin Price Increase to $9,200

According to the recent Blockchain news, the price of Bitcoin is currently around $9,200. This change is the continuation of the cryptocurrency bull market. The volume in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is so high that it has pushed the price of Bitcoin to go from $7,600 in recent weeks to be what it currently is.

One of the popular analysts in the crypto world named Flood said on Twitter that after Bitcoin broke the $8,000 threshold, we will see a sharp increase in the price of all cryptocurrencies.

Another analyst named Red says that given the current conditions of the market, the price of Bitcoin will move past $12,000 in the coming weeks.