University of Bahrain Shall Hence Issue Its Diplomas Based on Blockchain Using Blockcerts

Last Modified:12 May 2020 14:36:58
University of Bahrain Shall Hence Issue Its Diplomas Based on Blockchain Using Blockcerts

According to a report published by the local English news outlet Trade Arabia on January 13, University of Bahrain will issue its diplomas using Blockcert platform based on Blockchain (Blockchain is a distributed and encrypted database).

Blockcert is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing and validating Blockchain-based licenses. These digital documents with hidden signatures, are registered on a Blockchain in an inalterable, tamper-proof, and also the sharable way. The main aim of this standard open-source platform is to create a wave of innovations to give people the opportunity to store and share their documents through Blockchain technology digitally. The initial design and development of this open standard was directed by MIT machine learning and media lab. To further the development, Blockcerts open-source project actively encourages others to work in this area.

This community aims to create an industrial source so that other developers can use them in their projects. Rather than independently deploying personal implements, developers work together to create an interoperable future.

According to the mentioned article, this university implements Blockcerts open standard along with machine learning (a startup providing a system for issuing documents that are verifiable using a Blockchain-based format).

As Cointelegraph reported in September last year, Bahrain government has emphasized the importance of Blockchain technology in the economy of this country and wants caution and preparation in the area of cybersecurity.

Abdul Hossein Mirza, Bahrain Minister of Water and Electricity, said in this regard that:

“the ability of Blockchain in keeping users’ data is a good sign of progress; especially regarding the fact that Blockchain can be implemented in different companies engaged in different industries such as cybersecurity.”

Yesterday, local English news outlet Trade Arabia reported that the innovation of the Blockchain academic plan is part of a comprehensive strategy to completely digitize the learning process for mobile learners.

According to a report by Cointelegraph, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has issued digital diplomas based on Blockchain for more than 100 graduates from this institution, which has been part of a trial program run in mid-October 2017.

In an exclusive analysis of this project, Cointelegraph reported that MIT has begun issuing diplomas for graduates through Blockcerts platform via Blockchain and Bitcoin, in an attempt to distribute educational diplomas while being assured that they are unalterable and tamper-proof.

Blockcerts open-source standard development team explained:

“Blockcerts platform provides a decentralized validation system. Blockchain Bitcoin works as a trust-provider, and its licenses are reliable and tamper-proof documents. Blockcerts can be implemented in the area of academic, occupational, and workforce validation.”